Tooth decay home remedies

Teeth are one of our most valuable assets. No one looks good without teeth. Currently, tooth decay and hole in teeth have become common problems. This problem is more common in children and adults.

Bacterial infections cause tooth decay.

There can be holes in the teeth for various reasons. Such as tooth decay or dental caries, tooth breakage or root canal treatment also causes holes in the teeth.

If there is a cavity or cavity in the tooth, it gets infected by the accumulation of dirt, food particles, etc. in it. Toothache and tingling sensation begin. This cavity or cavity in children causes pain and makes the teeth grind when they eat something.

When there are cavities or decay in the teeth, many times we do not pay much attention and continue to neglect. But this hole often causes severe toothache. Usually, food sticks to the holes which later rots and causes bad breath.

What to do if a hole is made in the tooth?

Let’s find out what we need to do if we have a hole in the teeth –

Lukeward saltwater works very well for dental problems. This saltwater prevents bacteria from growing inside the mouth and makes the cavity better. Saltwater neutralizes the pH level in our mouths by removing acids. So you have to mix salt in lukewarm water and gargle it several times a day and night.
Don’t eat too much sweets. Because sweet foods do the most damage to teeth.
Brush twice a day as a rule. It is better to brush after eating. Regular brushing in this way will remove cavities in the teeth.

Clove is very useful in filling cavities or cavities in teeth. It contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients to prevent cavities.

Many people brush their teeth with neem twigs, which keep the teeth well. The fiber of need does not allow plaque to form on the teeth. Chew a few neem leaves and leave them inside the mouth for some time. This will eliminate your dental problems and dental cavities.
Apply sesame or coconut oil on teeth for about 10 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Using sesame oil on the teeth reduces plaque, gingivitis, and oral bacteria. It also removes cavities.
Lemons rich in vitamin C help to destroy germs. Lemon is very effective in case of pain from cavities or cavities in the teeth. Chew a slice of lemon on your face. Then rinse with lukewarm water.

If it does not subside after doing these things, then consult a doctor.