What causes rashes or puffiness or eye stains on the eyelids?

Dead skin, dirt or oil accumulates and closes those small oil glands. When the oil gland closes, bacteria grow inside it, causing a rash. It can occur inside and outside the eye.

Swelling of the upper eyelid or any part of the lower eyelid is mainly due to two different problems. One of them is called calcification and the other is called eye stye.

If you have a problem with calcification, small lumps are usually seen from the eyelids. It does not hurt. There is no redness in the eyes.

Normal vision is not a problem. If this is the case, soak a clean cotton ball in lukewarm water and apply light pressure on the swollen part of the eye a few times and clean the eyes again and again.

Another problem called stains on the eyelids is a small lump or swollen area on the edge of the eyelid. It has pain and redness. In that case, the medicine should be taken as per the advice and instructions of the doctor immediately.

Let’s find out what causes rashes on the eyelids:

Due to lack of eye care:

The eyes are a subtle thing. Ignoring this can be a big problem. The rash can occur as a result of not taking care of the eyes. If the eyes are dirty, the chances of getting a rash are high.

If you don’t wash your eyes properly with water, you may get rashes on your eyes due to the accumulation of dirt. When they come from outside and do not wash their eyes with water, the dust and dirt from outside mixes with the eyes and causes rashes.

Bacterial causes:

Dirt or oil accumulates in the eyelids and closes those small oil glands. When the oil gland closes, bacteria grow inside it, causing a rash. If the eyes are not cleaned regularly, the infection will increase. If you do not clean your eyes with water after waking up, you will get rashes on your eyes. People with oily skin are more prone to this rash.

Due to allergies or makeup:

Symptoms of allergies to the eyelids can occur in one or both eyes. Allergies cause itchy eyes. Excessive itching causes rashes on the eyes. Eye allergies can occur in the white part of the eye and also in the eyelids.

Many of us use many types of makeup or eye cream. It is very harmful to the eyes. If it goes inside the eye, the eye becomes swollen, the eye becomes red and rash appears in the eye or on the leaves.

The eyes are very thin and the skin of its leaves is very thin. So if you have any eye problems, you should consult a doctor without delay.