How to stay healthy during pregnancy?

When a mother is pregnant, everyone should take extra care of her so that she is in good mental and physical health.
A healthy pregnant mother can bring a healthy and beautiful baby into this world.

Proper rest

A pregnant mother should sleep 8 to 10 hours every night. She should take rest 2 to 3 hours during day time. She should sleep on her left shoulder most of the time. It is good if she is always happy.


A pregnant mother should eat a little more during pregnancy. Eat more fish, meat, eggs, vegetables, pulses, and local fruits. Drink plenty of pure water. Do not eat fried food and junk food.


Refrain from heavy work. Refrain from lifting anything heavy or carrying anything heavy. Do the normal work of the family. Do not do anything that shakes the body. Do not be engaged in any work for a long time.


A pregnant mother needs to be clean during pregnancy. Take a bath every day. Wear loose clothing. Do not wear high heels.


The first three months and the last three months do not go on long journeys.


Stay away from measles, jaundice, chickenpox, and other contagious diseases.


Do not take any medicine without a doctor’s advice.


See a gynecologist at the health center for regular checkups at least four times during pregnancy.