Vitamin “K” strengthens the bone, preventing excess bleeding. Foods rich in high vitamin “K”.

Vitamin “K” plays an important role in clotting our blood vessels. Alternatively, if a person lacks vitamin “K” in his body, he has the possibility of additional blood bleeding on any cut. Vitamin “K” is very effective in preventing diseases like osteoporosis in our bones. Vitamin “K” is used to relieve liver disease known as biliary cirrhosis.

Vitamin “K” is very helpful in removing reddened spots and facial pimples on our skin. After surgery, the vitamin “K” helps to dry quickly, reduce wounds and swelling. Vitamin “K” is an important nutrient that increases bone density, reduces menstrual pain, increases brain activity and plays a vital role in the health of the heart. In addition, Vitamin “K” deposits excess glucose into the liver as glycogen and prevents cancer cells from producing.

The group of vitamins “K” is Vitamin K-1 and Vitamin K-2. Vitamin K-1 Vegetables and Vitamin K-2 are mainly available in meat, cheese, and eggs. Below are some high vitamin “K” rich foods –


141 mcg out of 100 g


72 mcg per 1/2 cup, cooked


60 mcg out of 100 g


817 mcg out of 100 g


33 mcg out of 100 g

Collard greens

407 mcg out of 100 g


483 mcg out of 100 g


425 mcg out of 100 g


56 mcg out of 100 g

Green Peas

26 mcg out of 100 g


26 mcg out of 100 g


20 mcg out of 100 g


19 mcg out of 100 g

Swiss Chard

830 mcg out of 100 g