Delicious steamed rice pie (vapa pitha) recipe

Steamed rice pie (vapa pitha) is a very popular pie in the winter. On a cold winter evening having steamed rice pie with friends or family is really enjoyable. During winter people from all ages from southern asia like to eat this pie (vapa pitha). As this pie is most popular in winter, we usually find this on roadside temporary pie shops.

This steamed rice pie is most tasty when it is warm. The pie maker serve it warm as they make it. This extraordinary pic is prepared in combination with rice powder, coconut and molasses. Nowadays, many people make these pie for living.

Ingredients for making steamed rice pie

  • A solid soil pot cover with pot
  • rice powder + salt [taste]
  • Molasses
  • Coconut

Delicious steamed rice pie making video

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Delicious steamed rice pie making