Tomato prevent cancer and protects heart disease. How?

What fruit or vegetables do tomato?

To many people it is not clear whether tomatoes are not fruit or vegetables. This is a good question. Botanists regard this as a result because tomato grew from ovaries (maternal and maternal) and carried seeds in their own body. As vegetables are used and served, most people consider it as vegetables. But the real thing is that it is not a matter to fall into the fruit or fall in vegetables. The biggest thing is that tomatoes are very nutritious and delicious.
From the above discussion it has been proved that tomato is a nutritious fruit, mostly eaten as vegetables. Tomatoes are called apple of Bengal. Speaking of nutritious ingredients, tomato has more nutritious ingredients than apples. Thinking about the health benefits, I will keep cheaper tomatoes on top of apple.

Apple vs Tomato (Comparison of Nutritive Values)

apple tomato comparison

Nutrient Value of Tomato:

Many of the tomato nutrients are many. Briefly discussed:
However, talking about the nutritional value of tomatoes, the first thing to say about the “Lycopen” that existed in Tomato is to forget everything else. Licopen is an antioxidant. An individual phytochemical compound – which is available only in tomatoes and is a very effective element. Published in the journal of the National Cancer Institute – this lycopene plays an important role in preventing prostate cancer. Also prevent lung, stomach, pancreatic, colon, rectum, oral cavity, breast, and cervix cancer.

Secondly, the word Lycopen increases the amount of healthy cholesterol (HDL) and reduces the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL). This results in the accumulation of fat in the arteries and increased blood circulation. The result is good heart. Cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke, has emerged as the most deadly disease in the world. Most people die in these two diseases. Research on middle-aged people has been found that those who have low blood pressure and bitacerron in their blood are more likely to have stroke and heart disease risk. Both bitacerron and lycopene are found in tomatoes.

Thirdly, potassium- a necessary mineral – which keeps blood pressure fixed and prevents cardiovascular disease.

Fourthly there are plenty of vitamins “C” in tomatoes. Vitamin “C” is needed for the production of collagen. Reduces aging of skin on collagen-skin and improves skin youth.

Fifth, we talk about Vitamin A and Vitamin K. Vitamin “A” is needed to maintain a normal human eye. Vitamin K, on ​​the other hand, prevents blood clotting.

Sixth: A good source of tomato manganese. It is an element of antioxidant enzyme.

Tomatoes are washed directly in clean water and eat directly. It is not good to cook in a very high heat after cooking. Tomato juice is very popular nowadays and it is very helpful. Tomato washed thoroughly and after blending, take the juice in a glass. Along with lemon juice, sugar, a little bit of salt mixed with salt. Many people mix carrots with a little bit of ginger. Tomato juice eliminates anemia, cuff, rhumetic symmetry and increases the skin’s brightness. Not to mention a single word – Tomato breast cancers prevent cancer.

Finally, we all know and believe that there are so many effective elements in tomato that after considering all the benefits of health benefits, it is considered superfoods. Now almost all year’s tomatoes are available. However, in winter more is available and the prices of the village are very low. It is desirable to be rich in nutritional value, this vegetable price is in the food list of Bengalis and to meet the nutritional needs of all.