Common interview questions for job seekers

Interview or viva is an essential chapter in the success of a job seeker’s life. So during the viva, the candidate must be careful about some of the important things to make the viva successful.

There are some common questions that are asked in almost all vivas. So we need to prepare for it in advance. Then we can do better in Viva.

Viva is the best place to present your knowledge and wisdom to others. But more than 80 percent of us job seekers can’t present themselves compare to their expertise.

The eyes on the interview board try to find the from you.

Find out what questions those are asked in an interview or viva:

Tell us about yourself:

This question is often asked in viva. The questioners love to ask this question, they think that this question will remove the fear in the mind of the examinee. But in most cases, the opposite picture is seen. Most of the examinees cannot answer this question.

Many people tell life stories about themselves. But the questioners want to know about 4-5 important and relevant topics of the examinee, such as specific skills, qualifications, experience, and future thinking.

Why do you want to work in this organization? :

This question is also often asked in job interviews. In this case, many people give wrong answers. Many people say that I need the job very much.

This may be true that you need the job but the questioners want to know through this question – how responsibly you can do it if you are given the job. So if you have an interest in the job and you get the chance to express it properly.

Why do you want to do this job? :

The answer to this question must be given very seriously and an excellent answer must be considered. Here, too, you should identify a few points as to why you are eligible for this job.

For example, if you are applying for the position of Customer Care Officer, you should say that I always like to talk to people and help people solve problems. My communication skills are excellent.

Why should we hire you? :

This question sounds very scary to hear but if you are asked this question you are definitely lucky. Not everyone gets the wonderful opportunity to sell themselves and their skills to a company. Here you have to make 3 points about yourself.

First, you will not only work but achieve significant success; Secondly, you are always ready to work in any kind of team and environment; And thirdly you are much more qualified for this job than anyone else.

How do you deal with complex situations? :

The answer to this question is to try to make it clear that no matter how stressed you are, you will not stop working. Then in stressful situations how do you divide the tasks into several parts and finish the tasks one by one keeping in mind the time frame based on importance.

Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

Through this question the questioner wants to know if you have a long-term plan or how. The exact answer to this question depends on your personal aspirations and role in the work.

To answer this question you need to formulate a reasonable plan for the next 5 years. In this case, there can be no rush in answering the question.

What do you expect from your new job? :

There is no need to be creative in answering this question. You must have read the circular well before applying. Describe the things that this job has to offer you.