Sundarbans the World’s largest natural mangrove forest

What is the Sundarbans and where?

Sundarbans is the natural mangrove forest in the south of the Khulna district. This is not only in Bangladesh but the wonders of the entire world.

The Sundarbans is the world’s largest mangrove forest, a huge reservoir of natural resources. For this reason, there has been an unprecedented combination of plant varieties as well as animal diversity.

Royal Bengal Tiger

As the word camel reminds us of the hot deserted Arab and African when the words of Kangaroo shows the pictures of Australia, as well as the name of the Royal Bengal Tiger, the word of Bangladesh goes out in front of the eyes.

It should be noted here that the Royal Bengal Tiger name is known all over the world for the victimization, cruelty and royal properties of this tiger in Bengal.

Royal Bengal tiger

Sundarban’s natural beauty

Millions of Sundori, Goran, Gewa trees, such as the compilation of numerous green species of green trees, and beautiful scenes of this beautiful beauty are the presence of deer, along with the fierce Royal Bengal Tiger.

Many small rivers, canals, and under the water Numerous fishes and crocodiles live. Coexistence in so many places of such a variety of plants and animals can be seen in very few places in the world.

Everything seems to be like a picture drawn by the artist.

The people who love to travel, who love nature, the silence of nature, the green, the calm and the environment are the ideal places for them to miss in the midst of nature. The combination of the Ganges, the Brahmaputra and the Meghna, the Sundarbans formed in the lap of the Bay of Bengal.

Since the beginning of creation, people can not be locked in one place. The people’s inquisitive mind always knows the unknown, recognizes the unknown and wants to see the unseen. The thirsty people can leave their environment to stop their inelegant desire to get out of the environment.

Goes from one country to other countries to find eternal mystery. And the country or area that is more eloquent and attractive, the country is more touristic. Sunderbans is a unique tourist destination in Bangladesh. Many tourists visited Bangladesh hundreds of miles every year.

Sundarbans area

Two-thirds of the Sundarbans is divided into two parts (2/3) in Bangladesh and one part (1/3) of India. Of the total six thousand square kilometers (6000 sq km), 2,000 sq. Km of wetlands The forest covers an area of ​​around 3,000 square miles in Khulna, Bagerhat and Satkhira districts.

Sundarbans biodiversity

In the Sundarbans, 35 species of reptiles, 270 species of birds, 42 species of mammals, 8 species of amphibians, 250 species of fish are found.

Sundarbans is an extraordinary wealth of wealth. Sundarbans Pyramid of Bangladesh, Sunderbans Eiffel Tower in Bangladesh Nature has built it in its own right.

This biodiversity of the Sundarbans is not just for Bangladesh – it is important for the whole world. So it is said that one of the leading living centers of the Sundarbans could be the world’s largest scientists.

The beautiful scenery of trees, greenery, green plants, and animals, all of which are unique to the natural beauty of Lilabhumi, the wonderful mystery of Aryan.