Top rich man in the world 2019

It is encouraging to see the list of people who are successful and become a billionaire. If we analyze the success story of each billionaire, we will find that all of them are a hard-working human being and has a passion about a particular thing. It is not the money they went after, it is the idea they were after.

Jeff Bezos
Born: January 12,1964
Country: United States
Known for: Founding Amazon and Blue Origin

US$ $153.72 Billion
(June 2019)

Bill Gates
Born:October 28,1955
Country: United States
Known for: Principal founder of Microsoft

$102.1 Billion
(June 2019)

Bernard Arnault
Born:March 5, 1949
Country: Paris, France
Known for: Entrepreneur, investor, art collector, media proprietor

$93.9 Billion
(June 2019)

Warren Buffett
Born:March 5, 1949
Country: Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Known for: Leadership of Berkshire Hathaway with Charlie Munger

$84.8 Billion
(June 2019)

Mark Zuckerberg
Born:May 14, 1984
Country: USA.
Known for: Co-founding and leading Facebook

$67.4 Billion
(June 2019)