How to start a Java spring boot application using Jenkins X?

What is JenkinsX?

Jenkins X is the new cloud flavor of Jenkins that promises to automate CI/CD and DevOps practices.

What are the differences between Jenkins and JenkinsX ?

The Jenkins X focuses on automating CI/CD for the cloud using open-source tools like Kubernetes, Helm, Git, Nexus/Artifactory, etc. Jenkins is the source automation tool for reliably build, test, and deploy of software.

Java has different versions and we need to check the available build-pack for Java by typing the following command. In our case, it was the following build packs:

$ jx create quickstart

// Output

Steps to quickstart reactjs app JenkinsX

If we just try the following command then it will set up everything for us using the spring-boot-rest-prometheus-java11 build pack.

$ jx create quickstart -f spring-boot-rest-prometheus-java11 -p transformer

// It will ask these questions 
Using Git provider github at
? Do you wish to use dev-jenkins as the Git user name? Yes
? Which organisation do you want to use? Dev-Media
? Enter the new repository name:  subscription

? Would you like to initialise git now? Yes
? Commit message:  Initial import

Once the application is set up properly we can check the log by changing the namespace and log command like below:

$ jx ns 
$ jx get build logs

We can check the kubernetes pods using this command: 
$ kubectl get pods


Jenkins X quickstart