JavaScript arrow function related interview questions

In EcamScript 6 arrow function is the most popular feature among developers. It has good use cases and at the same time has pitfalls. In most JavaScript based job at least one question from arrow function is very common. It’s better to know the core concepts of JavaScript arrow function. Following are some really important questions about JavaScript arrow function:

  • Why arrow functions are called this-less function?
  • Why arrow functions are called arguments-less function?
  • Does call or apply method available to arrow function?
  • Can we bind an object to arrow function by using call or apply method?
  • What happens when we use this inside arrow function?
  • Explain one case wehre we should not use arrow function.
  • Can the arrow function be used as a constructor?
  • Does arrow function has the prototype property?
  • When do we need an explicit return from arrow function?
  • What to do for returning an object literal from arrow function?

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