Reactjs app should use a boilerplate or use create-react-app from Facebook?

ReactJS based apps are very popular these days. Many organizations are looking for small to large scale web apps using ReactJS. As we all know that ReactJS is a JavaScript library to build user interfaces. ReactJS is light weight, performace handy and easy to maintain. On top of everything Facebook is backing this JavaScript library. Facebooking updating this library time to time.

Last week when our team stated a really small web apps, we had two options to choose the technology. Either use pure ReactJS provided by Facebook and another option is something else if we have the server side rendering.

If the server side rendering is not important for your app the it is wise to with Facebook provide ReactJS library:

But if the server side rendering has to support then we can start with Next.js one:

There are other options too. Please check the following options if you want to check other options: