How to quick start reactjs application using jenkinsX?

What is JenkinsX?

Jenkins X is the new cloud flavor of Jenkins that promises to automate CI/CD and DevOps practices.

What are the differences between Jenkins and JenkinsX ?

The Jenkins X focuses on automating CI/CD for the cloud using open-source tools like Kubernetes, Helm, Git, Nexus/Artifactory, etc. Jenkins is the source automation tool for reliably build, test, and deploy of software.

Steps to quickstart reactjs app JenkinsX

If we just try the following command then it will setup everything for us.

$ jx create quickstart -f react -p subscription

// It will ask these questions 
Using Git provider github at
? Do you wish to use dev-jenkins as the Git user name? Yes
? Which organisation do you want to use? Dev-Media
? Enter the new repository name:  subscription

? Would you like to initialise git now? Yes
? Commit message:  Initial import

Once the application is set up properly we can check the log by changing the namespace and log command like below:

$ jx ns 
$ jx get build logs

We can check the kubernetes pods using this command: 
$ kubectl get pods


Jenkins X quickstart