SEO checklist for your website

It is important to have quality content for any rich website. The web traffic will sustain the website has useful rich content. At the same time it is also important to have good SEO knowledge to get web traffic. When we can combine the quality content with solid SEO knowledge then the web success is a must.

As a beginner, we can integrate the following tools to have better SEO.

Start using Google webmaster

Google webmaster is one the best tool for the SEO. The day we have a website we should have the Google webmaster account for the site on the same day. The tool will help in all possible ways. It will show the Google bot crawl errors. It will show how many pages are indexed. It will allow us to submit new URLs to the index to Google. It does so many cool stuff for the SEO. Start using it and the benefits will be visible.

Use Google pagespeed

Google pagespeed is another useful to tool from Google. This will help us determine our website’s page speed including mobile devices. It will also show the loading issues of different JS/CSS. Not only it will point out the issues, but in some cases, it will also guide us the solutions.

Use the GTMatrix

GTMatrix is another cool tool detect website performance and SEO. It does show a lot of insights about websites that are really useful