How to convert values to boolean in JavaScript?

Converting a value to a boolean in JavaScript is quite simple and easy. We can convert any value to boolean in multiple ways.

Let us consider we have a variable called value and it has null in it.

    const value = null;

Using double negation (!!)

console.log(!!value) // false

Using Boolean method:

console.log(Boolean(value)) // false

Convert string to Boolean

    const value = 'null';
    console.log(Boolean(value)) // true
    console.log(!!value)       // true

Convert number to Boolean

    const value = 20;
    console.log(Boolean(value)); // true
    console.log(!!value);        // true

Convert falsy values to Boolean

!!false; // false
!!undefined; // false
!!null; // false
!!NaN; // false
!!0; // false
!!''; // false
Boolean(false); // false
Boolean(undefined); // false
Boolean(null); // false
Boolean(NaN); // false
Boolean(0); // false
Boolean(''); // false