German embassy visa interview experience

Germany is one of the finest countries in Europe. Life in Germany is a lot safer. You can get a scholarship to the universities in Germany or you can get a job offer from Germany.

If you want to apply for a visa first of all you need to get a visa appointment date. In the case, you are a student you need to get the appointment date from the official website.

In my case, I got a job offer and had a pre-approval from Germany. I had to send an email to the email address:

I shared the pre-approval letter in that email. I got a reply back within 2 weeks. In the reply, the embassy shared an appointment date. This was really exciting.

The appointment date was more than 1 week from the reply date. I was really happy to see the reply. The embassy shared a checklist of required documents in that email.

I prepared all the documents and was ready for the interview. Following is the interview experience:

My interview was scheduled for 12.30 PM Dhaka time. I reached there within 10.30 almost 2 hours ahead of my scheduled time.

The first catch for me was the goody bag I took to carry all the documents. The embassy does not allow to have any kinds of bags inside. I was alone so I had to keep the bag in the nearest traffic box taking all the documents from it. That was a turmoil I had to face at the very beginning of the interview.

The security check was very strict. I think for any embassy it is logical to have. After the security check, I was able to get inside the embassy. As I was a little early I had to wait.

When my turn came, the embassy asked me to give all the documents including the original ones. The interviewer cross-checked all the documents.

Here are some of the interesting questions I was asked during the interview:

  • 1. Why did I fill up the form manually? ( I filled up the form manually ) 🙂
  • 2. How did I get the job and how many steps did it take?
  • 3. How many years of experience do I have and do I know the German language or not?
  • 4. Are you planning to relocate your family too?

After verifying the documents, the interviewer asked for 7500 BDT and returned an invoice.

Afterward, the interviewer asked me to give my fingerprint.

At the very end, he said I will hear from them within 2-3 weeks. The interviewer returned the original documents and took all the copied documents. He also took the passport.