Wikipedia is full of quality information, please donate

Wikipedia is the great source of quality information. Whatever is written in wikipedia is true and verified. The wikipedia content is free and it is written in 285 different languages as of this writing. The wikipedia content are written by verified authors all over the world.

Every single day more than 35 million visitors visit wikipedia for accessing information as of this writing. It is one of the top five most visited websites.

The surprising thing is the organization that runs wikipedia is a non profit organization. Being such top website with good quality informatoin the company does not make any money. You will not see a single ad on any wikipedia page. So, the company is not making any money on ads. How the wikipedia operates then?

Wikipedia operates on people’s donation. The user’s donation is the only fuel for running wikipedia. Google recently donated $2 million to wikipedia’s parent company wikimedia. This is on the news and you can read about it from here.

Not only this time previously Google donated money to wikipedia to sustain wikipedia. It is not just Google who donates to wikipedia foundation, other big companies Amazon, Facebook etc also contribute to wikipedia for better access of quality information for all of us.

We encourage you to donate wikipedia to keep the quality content free for all of us. Following is the donation link:
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