What is Arc publishing? Explain the Arc publishing architecture

What is Arc publishing

Arc publishing is a micro service based system for digital content creators. It has a solid backend for creating content called Ellipsis. For creating image content it has Anglerfish service and for video content it has Goldfish service. Arc publishing (CMS) was created by Washington Post for their own need. As they have seen the potential of the CMS, they started selling it as a SAAS based product.

Technology behind Arc publishing front-end

  • JavaScript knowledge is vital as the front-end is rendered using modern ReactJS.
  • If server side rendering (SSR) is required then Node.js and NPM is also essential
  • Sound knowledge of docker or vagrant is required too
  • Overall web knowledge of basic HTTP is also needed

How a SAAS based system works

Any SAAS based application works more or less the same way. Most of the cases they follow the micro service based architecture. SAAS based applications exposes API endpoints to interact with the SAAS application.