What are the new features of Java 8?

There are some really cool features of Java 8 that made developer life easy. Day to day coding if we know some of these features then the code becomes more robust and the code reusablity increases. Following are some new features of Java 8:

  • Lambda expressions,
  • Method references,
  • Functional interfaces,
  • Stream API,
  • Default methods,
  • Base64 Encode Decode,
  • Static methods in interface,
  • Optional class,
  • Collectors class,
  • ForEach() method,
  • Parallel array sorting,
  • Nashorn JavaScript Engine,
  • Parallel Array Sorting,
  • Type and Repating Annotations,
  • IO Enhancements,
  • Concurrency Enhancements,
  • JDBC Enhancements etc.