TypeScript interview questions and answers

TypeScript is a superset of the JavaScript language and it is mainly developed and maintained by Microsoft. TypeScript is immensely popular in writing front-end applications. It is also used in Node.js too.

Following are some useful interview questions about TypeScript:

How does optional chaining work in TypeScript?

The optional chaining in TypeScript reduces the chances of causing errors. It immediately stops executing the following expressions if it gets null or undefined.

The operator is used for optional chaining is: ?.. Following is an example:

let x = user?.role.getRole();

Provide the TypeScript syntax to create function overloads?

TypeScript supports function overloading based on a number of parameters. The function overloading is quite different compare to other object-oriented languages.

Following is an example of TypeScript function overloading:

  class User {
    getAttr(attr: string);
    getAttr(attr: number);
    getAttr(attr: number, secondAttr: string);
    getAttr(attr: any, secondAttr?: string) {
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