Why do some people faint after seeing blood?

This problem is called vasovagal syncope. ‘Vaso’ means blood vessel and ‘vegal’ is a special nerve that travels from the brain to the abdomen or legs and plays a role in controlling the heartbeat.

Many people become unconscious or very uncomfortable seeing blood. Many of us have this problem. Many people are afraid to take injections. The biggest thing is that there is no harmful effect of this unconsciousness.

If you become unconscious after seeing blood, there is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Because 3.5 percent of the world’s people suffer from the fear of blood or injections in their lives.

Why do I become unconscious after seeing blood?

Having a vasovagal syncope problem means that even if you see a drop of blood, the person’s heart rate will drop in an instant. At this time blood will accumulate in the blood vessels of the legs and the blood will go down from the brain. This will also reduce blood pressure. As a result, the man will fall unconscious.

Some symptoms are seen before fainting. The skin becomes pale, the eyes become blurred, dizziness may occur, nausea may occur. This happens when most people see blood, but in many cases it may be due to other reasons. Such as excessive heat and stress.

This problem is more common in women and young people than men.

In ancient times men hunted and women and children lived in safe places. Who will save men if they faint after seeing blood after hunting? In addition, if women and children faint during the attack, the enemy may think they are dead and leave. These may be the reasons why vasovagal syncope has remained among the people.