What is called the roof of the earth and why?

The Pami plateau is called the roof of the earth. The highest plateau in the world is the Pamir Plateau. The Pamir Plateau is 7,649 m, or about 16,000 feet, above sea level, and is located in the heart of the vast Pamir mountain range in Central Asia.

It is considered to be the highest plateau in the world as it is located at the confluence of many high mountains, in the middle of some of the highest mountains in the world.

Pamir plateau elevation 7,649 meters or about 16,000 feet

Why is the Pamir Plateau called the roof of the earth?

Adjacent to the Tibetan Plateau, The plateau adjacent to the Pami mountain range is the largest plateau in the world, hence it is called the Earth’s roof. There are many high and low plateaus scattered along the Pami plateau. Snow covers most of the year. The region receives an average of about five inches of snow a year.

However, summer is seen here for a short time every year. In summer, this vast area is covered with grass, during which time it is used as pasture land. The locals are overly dependent on this short-lived summer for their livestock.

The largest ancient trade route, the Silk Road, crossed the Pamir Mountains. In the past, this ‘Silk Road’ was very famous as a way of conducting world trade. The road runs from Xian, the ancient capital of China, over the Pamir Mountains to Kashgar, the largest city in Xinjiang.

There have been multiple battles between the neighboring states over the occupation of this state at different times. Multiple disputes have erupted over the establishment of military bases and the extraction of mineral resources in the Pamir Plateau. At present, China has largely settled its disputes with Central Asian countries.