What are the new features of Java 11?

The language Java is already mature and people are using this in all possible platforms. As Oracle decided to revamp java and releasing updates every after 6 months. The java developers are getting new features and the language itself is becoming more robust and smart.

But this continuous updates also bring new challenges to the developers. Continuously the developers need to adopot new features. Following are some useful new freatues of Java 11:

Java 11 new features

  • Run java file using single command
  • New methods of Java String class i.e. isBlank(), lines(), strip(), stripLeading(), stripTrailing(), repeat() etc
  • Local variable syntax for lambda parameters
  • Nested based access control
  • Remove the Java EE and CORBA modules
  • Dynamic Class-File Constants
  • Deprecate the Nashorn JavaScript engine
  • Standard HTTP Client API
  • Reading/Writing strings to and from the files
  • ChaCha20 and Poly1305 cryptographic algorithms
  • etc