What are the differences between technocrat ministers and cabinet ministers?

The Prime Minister has the full power to form the cabinet of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. According to the constitution of Bangladesh, the Prime Minister can nominate two types of ministers. Appoint ministers to the state.
3) Cabinet Minister. 2) The Minister of Technocrat.

Cabinet Minister

Those whom the Prime Minister nominates as members of the elected parliament are called Cabinet Ministers.

Minister of Technocrat

In a cabinet, the cabinet minister is made up of 4 percent of the technocrats’ quota. In this quota, the Prime Minister can nominate anyone who is not a member of Parliament but someone who is qualified.

For example, if a Prime Minister in a cabinet constitutes a cabinet by nominating six members of the cabinet as cabinet ministers, then a technocrat may be nominated as a qualified minister, not a member of parliament. That is, the Prime Minister has the power to nominate as much as 8% of his cabinet ministers as technocrats.