What are the causes of stroke?

Oxygen-rich blood circulation is needed in every cell of our body, even brain cells, to survive in a healthy way.

Stroke is a brain disease. Hypertension or high blood pressure is the main cause of stroke.

If for some reason the blood vessels in the brain become narrowed or blocked, blood flow to the brain is completely stopped and the brain cells become dull due to lack of oxygen. This is what doctors call a stroke.

A part of the brain loses its function due to bleeding due to rupture of any part of the blood vessel which causes a stroke. Stroke is a deadly disease.

Let’s find out what causes a stroke:

If you have high blood pressure:

High blood pressure is the leading cause of stroke. High blood pressure raises blood pressure in the brain and causes strokes. The risk of stroke is higher, especially if you have uncontrolled blood pressure.

Therefore, for those who have high blood pressure, blood pressure must be measured regularly.

High blood cholesterol:

If there are high levels of cholesterol in the blood, it clots in the blood vessels. Blood vessels have a certain diameter. When it is deposited the diameter gradually shrinks.

When cholesterol clots, the amount of blood that is supposed to go normally cannot go. As a result, brain cells become lethargic due to a lack of oxygen. Which leads to events like stroke.

If you have depression or mental problems:

Depression is a very common type of mental disorder that has a negative effect on your feelings, thoughts, and actions.

If you have depression or mental problems for a long time, you are more likely to have a stroke. Depression is caused by tension or thinking about something. It can cause a stroke if it continues for a long time.

Smoking or drinking:

Regular excessive drinking and smoking increase the risk of stroke along with many other illnesses. The most important bad habits are smoking and drinking, which can lead to stroke, including heart disease, lung cancer, and liver cirrhosis.

Smoking or drinking doubles the risk of stroke.

Eating out or eating fast food:

Eating more outside or fast food foods instead of nutritious foods for a long time increases the risk of stroke.

Eating out or fast food is mostly unhealthy which is very harmful to the body. This food makes the stomach feel bad as well as the body. Eating these foods for a long time increases the risk of stroke.

Patients with diabetes:

People who suffer from diabetes and do not diet or exercise to control it are also more likely to have a stroke.

Diabetics are three times more likely to have a stroke than normal people, and more likely to die if they do. So if you have diabetes, you need to diet or exercise regularly.

It is better for diabetics to keep their blood sugar below 100-120 mg on an empty stomach and 140-160 mg two hours after a meal.