What are the causes of memory loss?

The human brain is compared to a computer processor. Eating a balanced diet, regular exercise is considered good for the brain.

Alzheimer’s disease causes people to lose their memory. Gradual loss of memory. The risk of this disease increases with age.

There are many reasons why people forget things. When a person’s consciousness and remembering ability is reduced, it has an effect on the person’s mood and behavior.

Behavior is associated with changes in the brain that cause the patient to change behavior.

Causes of memory loss

Let’s find out the reasons why people lose their memory-

Insufficient sleep:

An adult needs eight hours of sleep daily. A good night’s sleep makes your brain more efficient. Lack of sleep increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Sleep is called a memory charger. During sleep, your memory is ready to capture the next memory. So lack of adequate sleep can lead to memory impairment.

With age:

As you age you will see that your memory is getting lost over time. An example could be you can’t remember the name of a person whom you mate a while ago.

Irregular eating habits and lack of nutritious food:

The habit of eating at the wrong time is not good for health. Not so good for memory. Try to eat a little at the same time every day.

Lack of regular nutritious food leads to memory loss. You need to eat healthy and nutritious food regularly for adequate energy in the body. Healthy and nutritious food increase energy as well as improve memory.

Depression and loneliness:

Depression and loneliness put a lot of pressure on the brain. This causes a lot of damage to the brain. Being isolated from family and society adversely affects memory.

Many people lose their memory due to loneliness and depression.

Depressed people can never do anything well, can not do any work properly.

Excessive depression or loneliness puts a lot of stress on the brain, which gradually leads to memory loss.

Hypertension and hereditary causes:

Hypertension is very harmful to the body and brain. So regular blood pressure should be kept normal.

Cholesterol levels in the body need to be maintained for a balanced position of mind and body. Otherwise, there will be a possibility of a rapid decline in memory.

If someone in the family has this disease before, then you are also likely to get it. Children with a family history of Alzheimer’s may have the disease later.

Prolonged alcohol consumption:

Prolonged consumption of alcohol is one of the causes of memory loss.

Alcohol consumption has many long-term harmful effects on your brain. Alcohol consumption weakens brain cells and impairs memory.