What are some good Node.js frameworks?

Node.js is used to build scalable, event-driven non-blocking, and extremely fast applications. It is an open-source, single-threaded, cross-platform, JavaScript run-time environment that executes JavaScript on the server end.

A framework skeleton of standard libraries, helpers, and tools that provide a way to effortlessly build and run applications. It needs to have security, flexibility, compatibility, and flexibility for making an application.

Following are some really useful and popular Node.js frameworks:


Express is a popular, fast, minimal, and flexible Model-View-Controller (MVC) Node.js framework that offers a powerful collection of features for web and mobile application development. It is more or less the de-facto API for writing web applications on top of Node.js.

It’s a set of routing libraries that provides a thin layer of fundamental web application features that add to the lovely existing Node.js features. It focuses on high performance and supports robust routing, and HTTP helpers (redirection, caching, etc). It comes with a view system supporting 14+ template engines, content negotiation, and an executable for generating applications quickly.


Socket.io is a fast and reliable full stack framework for building realtime applications. It is designed for real-time bidirectional event-based communication.

It comes with support for auto-reconnection, disconnection detection, binary, multiplexing, and rooms. It has a simple and convenient API and works on every platform, browser, or device(focusing equally on reliability and speed).


Third on the list is Meteor.js, an ultra-simple full stack Node.js framework for building modern web and mobile applications. It is compatible with the web, iOS, Android, or desktop.

It integrates key collections of technologies for building connected-client reactive applications, a build tool, and a curated set of packages from the Node.js and general JavaScript community.


MEAN (in full Mongo, Express, Angular(6), and Node) is a collection of open source technologies that together, provide an end-to-end framework for building dynamic web applications from the ground up.

It aims to provide a simple and enjoyable starting point for writing cloud-native full-stack JavaScript applications, starting from the top to the bottom. It is another Node.js framework built on Express.


Sailsjs is a real-time MVC web development framework for Node.js built on Express. Its MVC architecture resembles that of frameworks such as Ruby on Rails. However, it’s different in that it supports the more modern, data-driven style of web app and API development.

It supports auto-generated REST APIs, easy WebSocket integration, and is compatible with any front-end: Angular, React, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, as well as custom hardware.

It has features that support for requirements of modern apps. Sails framework is especially suitable for developing real-time features like chat.

What is a good boilerplate for Node.js and express

Express boiler is a good one: express boilerplate