Top rich man in the world 2018

It is encouraging to see the list of people who are successful and became billionaire. If we analyze the success story of each billionaire, we will find that all of them are hard working and has passion about something. It is not the money they went after, it is the idea they were after.

Jaff Bezos


Born: January 12,1964
Country: United States
US$ 112.2 billion


Bill Gates

Born:October 28,1955
Country: United States
US$ 95.6 billion
(November 2018)
Warren Buffett

Born: August 30,1930
Country: United States
US$84.4 billion
(November 2018)
Bernaard Arnault

Born:5 March 1949
Country: France
US$ 74.4 billion
(November 2018)
Mark Zuckerberg

Born:May 14,1984
Country: United States
US$ 18.6 billion
(June 2018)