Things we should do before buying a Apple MacBook

Apple’s MacBooks are a really powerful machine to work. These days laptops became part of our daily life. Very often we get special discounts and prices online to purchase MacBooks online. The attractive discounts on e-commerce websites attract people to buy Apple MacBooks.

It really does not matter if it is a new MacBook or any used model, it is recommended that we check the condition of the device before purchasing it.

Following are some of the tips that we should do before purchasing a MacBook:

Check original MacBook or not

To the original MacBook please visit Apple’s official website for checking authenticity of Apple products. Please enter the serial number by clicking on the apple icon on the top left. This will show the validity of the purchase date along with other details.

Box serial number and screen one should match

If we are purchasing a new MacBook or a used one, we can check the serial number both on the box and on the screen.
The serial numbers on the box and under “About this Mac” option should be the same.

Do not buy a locked MacBook

When we are purchasing an old MacBook we should ensure that it is unlocked. If the seller asked to pay first and after full payment, he will unlock it. Never ever do this. It is very likely it could be a stolen device and the original owner might have remotely locked it.

Check battery condition

We should find out the “Cycle Count” from System Report. Essentially “Cycle Count” number will tell us how many times the battery has been depleted and recharged.

Click the Apple menu and then

'About this Mac > System Report... > Hardware > Power' and look for "Cycle Count" under 'Battery Information > Health Information'

The lower “Cycle Count” number the better it is.

Know more about battery “Cycle Count”

Check the charger

We should check whether the charging adapter and cable are original or not. Also, we need to make sure the charger charges properly or not.

Check the webcam

We should make sure the camera is working properly or not.

Check the trackpad

Please go to System Preferences and click on Trackpad. We should check the response of the trackpad by changing the tracking speed.

Check all the ports

We should make sure all the ports are working properly or not.

Check all the keys

We should open up a textpad and try to type to check all the keys work properly or not.