Super foods for diabetic patients

Diabetic patients are always concerned about food. It is always recommended to live an organized life if we are diagnosed with diabetes.

All diabetic patients are prescribed to limit sugar consumption and maintain moderate eating habits. It is really essential to know the foods that are good for diabetic patients.

Following is the list of superfoods for diabetic patients:

  •     All type of berries ( blue berries,  rash berries, black berries etc.)
  •     Apples
  •     Water-melon, Honey-dew, Rock-melon.
  •     Tomatoes.
  •     Carrots.
  •     Broccoli.
  •     Red onion.
  •     Spinach.
  •      Yogurt.
  •      Flax-seeds.
  •      Nuts ( Almonds, wall nuts etc.)
  •      Tea.
  •      Oat meal.
  •      Beans.
  •      Fish (Sea fish and all types of small fish are good)
  •      Asparagus (Other green vegetables is also good)