Spicy tea or Chai Tea health benefits

Tea refreshes us and helps us to get over tiredness. And that is if the spice tea then we can get many health benefits. Adding spice to tea means having a completely different taste.

Aromatic spice tea is very popular in the western world. This drink is beneficial for maintaining good heart health, maintaining proper digestive health, and controlling blood sugar levels.

In English, this tea is known as Chai Tea, Masala chai, or spices tea.

Spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves etc. contain spices which are rich in medicinal properties.

These spices contain vitamins, potassium, magnesium, carotene, and essential minerals which are very beneficial for health.

According to Ayurveda, the ingredients used in spice tea refresh and enliven the body and keep the mind cheerful.

Many people prefer a little sugar in tea, it is more harmful than the benefits of eating tea.

The American Heart Association recommends that women consume less than 25 grams of sugar per day and that men consume less than 36 grams per day.

To make spicy tea, boil it in water with black pepper, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, ginger, etc. Then pour the tea leaves, the amount of sugar, and serve spicy tea. We can also use milk if we want.

The health benefits of drinking spicy tea

The benefits of spice tea are discussed below –

Good for the heart:

There is evidence that spice tea is good for heart health. Studies have shown that cinnamon is one of the main ingredients in spice tea.

Cinnamon can lower blood pressure. In some people, cinnamon helps reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels by up to 30%.

Several studies have also shown that red tea can lower blood cholesterol levels. Most studies have shown that drinking four cups of red tea a day can lower blood pressure levels slightly.

Drinking three or more cups of red tea a day can reduce the risk of heart disease by 11%.

May increase focus on work:

Spice tea contains caffeine and an amino acid called L-theanine which can increase concentration at work. L-Thanaine increases alpha activity in the brain and helps increase better concentration.

Studies have shown that L-theanine and caffeinated beverages have a greater effect on attention in the brain.

Sources of antioxidants:

Ginger, tea, cloves, cinnamon in spice tea are sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants can help remove free radicals and reduce cell damage in the body.

Also, antioxidants can help reduce the risk of chronic disease. Besides, tea contains polyphenols which are a kind of antioxidant.

Tea is the main source of these polyphenols, including colicin, theaflavins, and thearubigins.

May lower blood sugar levels:

Spicy tea helps control blood sugar levels. This is because it contains ginger and cinnamon, both of which have beneficial effects on blood sugar levels.

Studies have shown that cinnamon can reduce insulin resistance and blood sugar levels by 19-29%. In a recent study, people with type 2 diabetes were given two grams of ginger a day and it helped lower their blood sugar levels by 12%.

Reduce nausea:

This tea contains ginger, which is well known for relieving nausea. Ginger is especially effective in reducing nausea during pregnancy.

In fact, a review of studies conducted on a total of 1,27 pregnant women found that ginger can significantly reduce nausea.

can improve digestion:

Spice teas contain cinnamon, bell pepper, cloves, and cardamom which have antibacterial properties that help prevent digestive problems caused by bacterial infections.

Studies have shown that peppers can increase the levels of digestive enzymes needed to properly break down and digest food.

Reduces cough and headache:

Ginger in spice tea is very useful in cold and headache. Ginger also helps in relieving fever, sore throat, and cold.

Drinking tea with cloves is good for cold and cough. So it can be said that spice tea helps to reduce cough and headache.

Help you lose weight:

Spicy tea helps to prevent weight gain and reduce fat in various ways. First, this tea is prepared with cow’s milk, which is a source of protein. Protein is a nutrient that helps reduce appetite and keep the stomach full.

One study found that drinking three cups of red tea a day did not increase weight or belly fat. In addition, the black pepper in it prevents the accumulation of body fat.

Increases immunity:

The cinnamon in the spice tea helps to increase our immunity by fighting against bacterial and fungal infections.

Cinnamaldehyde, one of the active ingredients in cinnamon, can help fight various infections. Ginger can also fight against a variety of infections.

Tea contains caffeine and excessive amounts of caffeine can reduce sleep. There can also be a variety of health problems.

Taking too much caffeine can increase the risk of miscarriage. We should not take more than 400 mg of caffeine per day and 200 mg during pregnancy. Each cup contains about 25 mg of caffeine.


If you are suffering from a complex disease or for any other reason go through a regular medical course, you must consult your doctor before eating.