ReactJS interview questions

ReactJS is a very efficient JavaScript UI framework for creating interactive web applications. These days ReactJS is the most used UI framework for building web applications. It is already widely used in my web applications. Compare to other JavaScript library ReactJS will stay longer in the JavaScript world according to experts.

If we are to aim for an expert front-end developer then the knowledge on ReactJS is a must. The concepts of ReactJS is really important cause all other front-end JavaScript libraries also use these concepts. Following are some ReactJS interview questions:

  • What is JSX in ReactJS?
  • When we should use functional component?
  • When we should use class based component?
  • What are different types of export in ReactJS?
  • Why we will have to use setState method to set the state?
  • Please explain the concept stateup in reactJS
  • Why inheritance is not encouraged in ReactJS?
  • When the program starts why it goes to index.js?
  • Which library is used to convert the JSX to actual HTML?
  • What is a transpiler? Is there any default transpiler used in ReactJS?
  • Is it possible to change the state of a component from another component?
  • Is it possible to change the props of a component inside that component?
  • Why the state object of a component is private?
  • Why functional component is better than stateful class component?

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