Palm candy health benefits

Palm candy has been used in our society for a long time. Palm candy is used in various types of Ayurvedic medicine. Palm candy is very effective in the common cold and cough. It is made from the sap of the palm tree hence its name Palm candy (Talmishari). White candy is very hard but palm candy is a little soft. The color of the palm candy is a little golden and very tasty to eat.

As palm candy is made naturally, it is called unprocessed sugar. Palm candy contains important nutrients such as vitamins, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, etc. Palm candy is also a good source of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12.

The normal value of glycemic index (GI) is 55 or less. The glycemic index value of palm candy is 35.

How palm candy (Talmishari) is made?

Palm candy is made from pure palm juice. Palm juice is burned for a certain period of time. It is then poured into a tray or a container. These trays are then covered with a sack at a certain temperature in a closed room.

After a week, the upper and lower parts dry out and turn into grains, i.e. turn into palm candy. The candy-making season is from the middle of summer to the start of the rainy season, during which time palm candy is made. This is how our very familiar palm candy is made.

Health benefits of palm candy (Talmishari):

Palm candy is rich in many beneficial qualities. It can relieve anemia, relieve bone problems, relieve colds and coughs, maintain good eyesight, and improve memory. The benefits are discussed below –

Relieved cold and cough:

Palm candy can relieve colds and coughs. Palm candy juice relieves cough and helps to soften the mucus in the throat. If you put a piece of palm candy in your mouth, you will get a lot of relief in cough or you can eat palm candy with basil juice. If you have a sore throat due to a cough, you can make a paste with a piece of palm candy, black pepper, and honey and eat it.

Good for bones:

Bone problems are a very common problem with age. Problems like bone decay and knee pain etc. In this case, palm candy is very useful. Palm candy is rich in calcium and potassium which is good for bone health.

To cure anemia:

Palm candy is very useful for those who have anemia problems. Because palm candy contains a lot of iron. Palm candy is very beneficial, especially for girls. Iron helps keep good blood health.

Increases vision:

Palm candy helps to increase eyesight. In this case, if we try to eat palm candy together with nuts, fennel seeds, black pepper powder with milk, then it keeps the eyes well.

Blood Sugar Control:

The glycemic index of palm candy is only 35 which does not increase the blood sugar level rapidly. It helps control blood sugar. Also for those who are at risk of diabetes or who have a family history of diabetes, palm candy is a good replacement for white sugar.

Good for new mothers:

Palm candy is very useful in increasing breast milk. Breast milk will increase if you take it twice a day with hot milk mixed with black cumin powder. In addition, palm candy can relieve abdominal pain.

Good for kids:

Palm candy is very beneficial for babies and growing children because of its vitamins and minerals. It helps in increasing the immunity of children and is also good for brain development.


In fact, palm candy is naturally sweet but not a miracle food. Not suitable for diabetics and it is better not to eat too much. Also, if you suffer from a complex disease or go through a regular medical course for any other reason, you must consult your doctor before eating palm candy.