Opposite words for kids

Word Opposite Word
Quiet Loud
Enemy Friend
Ancestor Descendant
Broad Narrow
Boring Exciting
Stupid Clever
Divorce Marriage
Occasionally Frequently
Marriage Divorce
Humble Proud
Female Male
Possible Impossible
Guest Host
Attack Defend
Pleasant Awful
Rough Smooth
Go Come
Finish Begin
Over Under
Hasten Dawdle
Intentional Accidental
Correct Wrong
Against For
Destroy Build
Water Land
Hopeful Desperate
Heat Cold
Gentle Violent
Reply Ask
Modern Ancient
Conceal Reveal
Emigration Immigration
Hilly Flat
Clever Stupid
Beginning End
Devil Angel
Safe Dangerous
Forward Backward
Elementary Advanced
False True
Plenty Lack
Guilty Innocent
Enter Leave
Cold Heat
Asleep Awake
Peace War
Ascent Descent
Human Animal
Wide Narrow
Attack Defense
White Black
Partial Total
Learn Teach
Spring Autumn
Right Wrong
Left Right
Export Import
Hell Heaven
Plant Harvest
Minor Major
Up Down
Brave Cowardly
No Yes
Husband Wife
Extreme Moderate
Certainly Probably
Vacant Occupied
Back In Front Of
Bitter Sweet
Rough Gentle
Ceiling Floor
Wealth Poverty
Light Heavy
Miss Catch
Sour Sweet
Already Not Yet
Valley Mountain
Slim Distant
Adult Child
Clever Stupid
Complicated Simple
Above Below
Hate Enjoy
Married Divorced
Suburb Centre
Rise Sink
Smooth Rough
Clear Cloudy
Finish Start
Private Public
Good Bad
Misunderstand Understand
Generous Mean
Death Birth
Healthy Ill
Honest Dishonest
Alive Dead
Antonym Synonym
Life Death
Hinder Aid
Men Women
Forget Remember
Son Daughter
North South
Cunning Simple
Accept Refuse
Short Long
Excited Calm
Dead Alive
Noon Midnight
Early Late
Negative Affirmative
Desperate Hopeful
Innocent Guilty
Fortune Bad Luck
Big Small
Fresh Old/Stale
Strict Gentle
Compulsory Voluntary
Inside Outside
Protect Attack
Approximately Exactly
Voluntary Compulsory
Lazy Active
Pull Push
Build Destroy
Victory Defeat
Village Town
Pupil Teacher
Many Few
Student Teacher
Midnight Noon
Beautiful Ugly
Equal Different
Attic Cellar
Lie Stand
Wedding Divorce
Interesting Boring
Pretty Ugly
Hungry Thirsty
Expensive Cheap
Bad Luck Fortune
Friend Enemy
Intentional Accidental
Stand Sit
Visitor Host
Ugly Beautiful
Horizontal Vertical
Nasty Nice
Attention Inattention
Happiness Sadness
Hit Miss
Light Dark
Normal Strange
Senior Junior
Floor Ceiling
High Low
Emigrate Immigrate
Question Answer
Serious Trivial
Host Guest
Courage Cowardice
Powerful Weak
Small Big
Argue Agree
Poverty Wealth
Future Past
Slow Fast
Borrow Lend
Repair Damage
Courageous Cowardly
Flat Hilly
Birth Death
Simple Complicated
East West
Descendant Ancestor
Professional Amateur
Divorced Married
Bad Luck Good Luck
Dawn Dusk
Scream Whisper
Often Seldom
Lend Borrow
Advance Retreat
Abundance Lack
Correct Incorrect
Hopeless Hopeful
Captivity Freedom
Sharp Blunt
Strong Weak
Everything Nothing
Sick Healthy
Generous Mean
Continue Interrupt
Create Destroy
Silly Intelligent
Past Future
First Final
Reply Question
Gentleman Lady
About Exactly
Sink Rise
Animal Human
Amuse Bore
Happy Sad
Wet Dry
Cheap Dear
Opponent Supporter
Noisy Quiet
Some Many
Damage Repair
Weak Powerful
Different Alike
Answer Question
Strange Normal
Ancestor Descendant
Happy Sad
Agree Refuse
Absence Presence
Permit Forbid
Never Always
Push Pull
Minimum Maximum
Free Arrest
Hard Easy
New Ancient
Cry Whisper
Succeed Fail
Even Odd
Moderate Extreme
Giant Dwarf
Success Failure
Nice Awful
Abundant Scarce
Scatter Collect
Junior Senior
Cruel Human
West East
Sugar Salt
Courage Fear
Cool Warm
For Against
Artificial Natural
Serious Funny
Foreign Domestic
Particular General
Open Closed
Leave Arrive
Empty Full
Background Foreground
Safety Danger
Summer Winter
Niece Nephew
Accidental Intentional
Capable Incapable
Far Near
Enjoy Hate
Fix Break
Add Subtract
Rapid Slow
Changeable Constant
Loud Quiet
Notice Ignore
Loser Winner
Domestic Foreign
Rigid Pliable
Order Mess
Gloomy Cheerful
Division Unity
Love Hate
Lovely Terrible
Awake Asleep
Bottom Top
Advanced Elementary
Absence Presence
In Out
Brother Sister
Low High
Forbid Allow
Below Above
Accept Refuse
Behind In Front Of
Vowel Consonant
Land Water
Unity Division
Kind Cruel
Closed Open
Justice Injustice
Unite Soul
Body Black
Large Small
South North
Begin End
Admit Deny
Soul Body
Separate Connect
Constant Changeable
Probably Certainly
Master Servant
Include Exclude
Increase Reduce
Special General
Ancient Modern
Mean Generous
Ally Enemy
Apart Together
Insult Compliment
Mend Break
Beauty Ugliness
Distant Near
Health Disease
Sad Happy
Evening Morning
Lazy Industrious
Dusk Dawn
Protection Attack
Ignore Notice
Active Lazy
Harmful Harmless
Rest Work
Afraid Brave
Construction Destruction
Die Live
Single Married
Prudent Imprudent
Mess Order
Let Forbid
Public Private
Seldom Often
Strong Weak
Sell Buy
Boy Girl
Agree Disagree
Difficult Easy
Under Over
Useless Useful
Immense Tiny
Drama Comedy
Like Hate
Immigrate Emigrate
Warm Cool
Right Left
Old Modern
Heavy Light
Autumn Spring
War Peace
Cowardly Brave
Foreigner Native
Native Foreigner
Break Fix
Pass Fail
Trust Suspect
Cold Hot
Catch Miss
Cruel Kind
Allow Forbid
Exactly Approximately
Blunt Sharp
Borrow Lend
Sorrow Joy
Nobody Everybody
Girl Boy
Backward Forward
Courteous Discourteous
Outskirts Centre
Destruction Construction
Rural Urban
Poor Rich
Easy Difficult
Send Receive
More Less
Remember Forget
High Deep
Busy Lazy
Dull Interesting
Alive Dead
Give Take
Dictatorship Republic
Front Rear
Fat Slim
Marry Divorce
Best Worst
Huge Tiny
Save Spend
Hate Love
Healthy Unhealthy
Attack Defense
Reduce Increase
Child Adult
On Off
Dark Light
Ending Beginning
Fear Courage
Black White
Fail Succeed
Present Past
All None
Find Lose
Lofty Lowly
Comedy Drama