Natural way to relieve toothache caused by cavity.

Dental pain or suffering means pain or suffering caused by cavities. Dental pain or suffering is very painful and hard to bear. The person who gets the tooth pain can only understand the pain. When the toothache begins we think about how it can be alleviated at any cost. Many of us are unable to cope with tooth pain and usually visit a doctor to remove their tooth. In addition, many people take herbs, use gels in their teeth, and use different types of mouthwash according to their doctor’s prescriptions.

Bengali and laziness go very well together. We cannot do anything according to the routine. Despite brushing our teeth, we think “I will not brush today instead will do it tomorrow morning and so on”. If we do not brush regularly, the food particles stay on the teeth and the teeth begin to suffer and start decaying. Slowly there are holes in the teeth. At one point, the teeth begin to break down. Then the food enters the broken teeth and bacterias begin to invade and start unbearable teeth pain.

What is cavities?

After eating food containing bread, milk, cake, chocolate or sugar the food particles stick to the teeth. There are some bacterias that are in our mouth. These bacterias turn foods into acid. Plaque is created by combining bacteria, acids, toothpaste, and mouth saliva. This plaque destroys the tooth enamel and creates a hole in the tooth which is known as cavities.

The Natural Way to Eliminate Pain in the tooth

Apart from medicines, gels, mouthwashes, there are some natural ingredients to relieve toothache. Let’s discuss them:

Warm saltwater:

It is very effective in relieving dental pain using warm saltwater. In a glass of warm water, mix 1/2 teaspoon of salt and gargle it. We will see that the pain of the tooth will decrease. Saltwater is a natural disinfectant and it helps to remove the particles of food that are stuck in the teeth. Saltwater can help treat any sore throat in addition to treating toothache.

Coconut oil and clove powder:

Coconut oil has anti-microbial properties and cloves have eugenol which is a natural antiseptic to help relieve pain. Mix the powder of cloves and coconut oil and apply this paste to the painful tooth with a toothbrush. It will reduce pain quickly.

Guava leaf:

The guava leaves have long been used to cure toothache. Chewing a few guava leaves if we have a toothache because its juice is useful for toothache. These leaves contain anti-inflammatory properties that help heal tooth decay. We can also use 4/5 guava leaves in warm water and mix it with a little salt and use it as a mouthwash.


Ice cracks are very effective in curing dental pain. Toss a small ice cube into a cotton swab. Hold for 20 minutes in a place where there is a pain in the tooth. It will compress the blood vessels in that area. And the pain will gradually subside.


For thousands of years, garlic has been recognized and used for its medicinal properties. Not only it can kill the harmful bacteria that make up the dental plaque, but it can also act as a pain reliever. In this case, mix the cloves with garlic paste and apply it on the affected area or you can chew garlic with a clove. It will reduce pain.

We should get up in the morning and brush our teeth and again before going to bed at night. If you have dental problems, try the above natural approaches. This is not a treatment for those whose dental problems are severe. They can talk to the dentist and get dental treatment.