IELTS writing task 2 tips and tricks for students

Following are some writing tips:

  • Do not start right away instead think and plan your writing
  • In the essay writing the introduction needs to have:
    1. background statement — paraphrase of the question
    2. thesis statement — your answer about the question (should start with in my opinion)
  • Always try to write correct spelling. If you are not sure about the spelling use the synonyms
  • Try to divide the essay into paragraphs. Usually the essay writing task can have 4 paragraphs.
    • The introduction
    • The problem/situation
    • The solution/action
    • The conclusion
  • Always write 250+ words but NOT less
  • The writing should be clean and readable
  • Do not repeat words instead use synonyms to show your vocabulary
  • As IELTS writing are formal, do not use contractions in your writings
  • Avoid using following words in IELTS writing:
    There are, really, very, a lot, so
  • Use sub-ordinate clause (compound, complex, passive, conditional and question sentences) into your writing instead of multiple simple sentences which is using different sentence types
  • Practice, practice and practice

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