IELTS reading tips and tricks for students

In IELTS exam the reading is a crucial section and without proper preparation it is not easy to get a good score on reading section.

There are many factors are dependent to do good on IELTS reading. IELTS provides a lot of text to read and find the answer out of it. The speed reading habit is necessary for IELTS reading section.

Following are some tips for IELTS reading section:

  • Read the questions first and then look for the answers in the passage
  • Spend less time on first, second passages and bit more time on the third passage. Because the third passage is the harder.
    First passage17 minutes
    Second passage18 minutes
    Third passage25 minutes
  • Read the instructions about the questions carefully
  • Be careful about the grammar specially the singular/plural
  • Most of the time all the questions are composed in the order of the appearance in the passage. So for the first question, look for the answer in the first or second paragraph in the passage. (Exception: True, False, Not Given)
  • Underline all the names, dates, days, researches, discoveries, author opinions, facts or equally important information while reading cause this will help you find the answer faster.
  • Develop a speed reading skill cause speed reading will always be helpful for IELTS reading
  • Practice reading complicated articles from BBC or Economist
  • While reading summarize each paragraph and write beside it (will be helpful for heading matching)
  • Start with the questions type that you are most comfortable with
  • Practice, Practice and Practice

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