How to stop bleeding in a natural way for minor cuts?

Applying various natural materials to the wounded place in childhood used to be very common. These natural materials would have healed the wound in many cases.

This is what many of us used to do or some still do. But now we are becoming more medicine dependent on anything.

Minor hand or feet cut happens very often. The main thing to do after the cut is to stop the bleeding and prevent the infection. We don’t always have all kinds of medicines or ointments. So we should know how to stop bleeding in a natural way when a body part gets minor cut. Below are some of these natural ingredients-

Marigold leaves:

It is most effective in stopping bleeding. Marigold has medicinal properties. Grinding marigold leaves on the wounded area and applying juice stop bleeding. In rural areas, it is still used to treat wounds.

Durba grass:

The scientific name of Durba grass: Cynodon dactylon. It is a medicinal plant. Durba grass has been used since ancient times to stop bleeding when a place is cut.

Bleeding stops when the grasses are crushed on the palm of the hand and applied to the wound.

Apply pressure:

Hold the cut with a clean cloth or gauze cloth. If you hold it with pressure for 20 to 30 minutes continuously, the blood will clot and stop bleeding. If the bleeding still does not stop, consult a doctor.


Giving ice to the wounded place is a popular home remedy for bleeding. Hold the ice cubes in place of the cut. After a while you will see that the bleeding has stopped. It also helps to reduce swelling.

Tea Bags:

A popular remedy to stop bleeding is to apply a tea bag to the cut. Because the tannin in the tea helps to clot the blood.

In case of a sudden minor cut of hands or feet, soak a used tea bag or a new tea bag in cold water and apply it to the wounded place. The bleeding will stop after a while.


Garlic has anti-microbial and antibiotic properties. That is, it helps to stop bleeding immediately, reducing pain. In fact, garlic also enhances the body’s natural resistance to infection.

Aloe vera:

Aloe vera has analgesic, anti-inflammatory properties that heal wounds. This is because aloe vera gel contains phytochemicals that help reduce pain and inflammation. Cut the aloe vera leaves and take out the gel. Apply gel to the wound. This will stop the bleeding and reduce the risk of infection in the affected area.

Raw Termaric:

Blood can be easily stopped with raw turmeric. Turmeric is a natural antiseptic. Apply some amount of turmeric on the cut area. You will see that the bleeding has stopped.

Injections may be needed if the wound is made from metal objects, dirty objects. In these cases, we should consult a doctor immediately without delay.