How to set exact path along with dynamic param using react router?

React router is a cool component to handle URL routing in react world. We can configure the router switch in a way that so that it supports both the exact path route and dynamic route.

In one of the use cases, we had to all dynamic routes along with a few exact path routes.

                    <Route path="/thankyou" exact component={Thankyou}></Route>
                    <Route path="/:slug" component={Home}></Route>
                    <Route path="/" exact component={Home}></Route>

In the above example, if the URL has /thankyou then it should go to Thankyou component. Anything other than thankyou after slash (/9-for-9-dollar) should go to the home component.

We will have to make sure that we place the exact route before the dynamic route because if react finds a match it goes to corresponding component and does not check routes under that.

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