How to reduce mobile addiction in children?

One of the biggest worries of parents at present is that their children are addicted to using mobile phones, tabs or computers. According to a recent survey, parents are struggling in controlling their children’s use of technology.

Just as technology is making our lives a lot easier, it is also creating a lot of issues. One of these is the mobile addiction of children. It has become a kind of addiction as children have smartphones in their hands for a long time.

Ways to reduce kids’ mobile addiction

Let’s find out about ways to reduce kids’ mobile addiction

Enter your mobile password:

There are many games where kids can buy different points of games using your phone. Keep a password to make sure they can’t do this. Never put video songs on the phone, kids will want to watch it again after watching it once.

Never leave a child alone:

If the child is alone, he will pay more attention to games. But if other family members are around him while playing games, he will not feel comfortable playing, and slowly he will get annoyed with the game.

Always keep the child’s attention on the other side:

If children are kept busy with other activities, they will not have time to think about mobile. If you just take the phone from him and he has nothing else to do, it won’t be of much use.

Enroll them in a class to learn a sport (football, cricket, badminton, cycling, swimming, martial arts) or an art (song, dance, musical instrument, painting).

Schedule your child’s mobile use:

When the kids are playing a game, give them time. Warn him about how long he will be able to play the game. Make it a rule to be able to play 10 minutes before dinner. This will not be fun to play games, so the addiction to mobile will come down.

Talk to the baby:

Children can become addicted to the screen by suffering from loneliness. If you have time, you have to talk to them. When children hear stories from an early age, their mental development increases.

So spend more time with the child, talk a lot with him, this will reduce the child’s addiction to mobile.

Keep the child busy:

You can keep the children busy with different activities. Especially mothers can do this. You can tell your child, help me today. You can do small tasks with the child. This will make your child interested in housework and move away from mobile addiction.