How to promote an application to production using JenkinsX?

Jenkins X is the automation of continuous integration and continuous deployment with many other features. When we are set with Jenkins X we may need to promote the application to a different environment in Kubernetes cluster. We can set some promotions automatic and some of them are manual. Usually, the stage portion happens automatically and the production promotion in a manual way.

How to promote to production by Jenkins X?

Following is the way to promote an application to production using Jenkins X.

First of all, try to get all the environments:

$ jx get env

When we are sure about the target environment then we need to set the proper namespace using the following jx command:

The following command will show available namespace and select the one that has the target environment available.

$ jx ns jx

Now get all the applications what version numbers. The will show differences of the version of different applications.

$ jx get applications

The following command will promote the application to the target environment

$ jx promote --app <appname> --version 1.0.91 --env <environmentName>

A diagram of JX promotion

promotion jenkinsx

JX command list