How to prevent a mild stroke?

Feeling weak on one side of the body or unable to move on one side of the body, numbness in the limbs, tilting of the face to one side, severe headache, blurred speech, vomiting, loss of vision, numbness of the face, numbness of the speech, restless walking, If you have a sudden convulsion or fall, you should understand that there is a risk of stroke.

What to do to prevent mild stroke?

In case of a mild stroke, the patient should be laid down on his side. In this condition, no food or medicine can be given at all. This is because they can enter the airways and cause further damage. Instead, saliva and vomit accumulated in the mouth should be cleared. If you have tight clothes on your body, you should loosen them.

In addition, to avoid the risk of stroke, smoking, drugs should be avoided. Smoking doubles the risk of stroke by constricting blood vessels, and this risk persists for up to five years after quitting smoking.

An effective way to prevent stroke is to exercise regularly. As a rule, you have to walk for 30 to 40 minutes every day and at least five days a week. The walking speed will be four miles per hour, about 100 steps per minute. In addition, alcohol, junk food, anxiety should be avoided.

Since stroke is caused by a decrease in blood flow to the brain, treatment of stroke should be started immediately and blood pressure should be kept normal by applying medication.

Immediate treatment should be started to overcome the blood clotting condition. Physiotherapy may be needed for a long time after the initial stage is over. Consult a specialist as soon as you realize you have had a stroke.