How to keep child’s eyesight healthy?

The eyes are the most sensitive and important part of our body. The invaluable resource of human life is the eye. The importance of eyesight in the full development of the child is immense.

The mental development of a visually impaired child is also hampered. So it is our responsibility and duty to keep this special organ safe from all kinds of risks and dangers.

It is very important to keep healthy eyesight in order to see everything in the world beautifully. The role of the eye is invaluable in managing the movement, activities, studies properly.

Parents need to be aware to keep the healthy eyesight of the children.

What to do to keep good eyesight:

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Immediately after birth, the baby should be checked for any eye problems. Necessary measures should be taken especially for those babies who are underweight at birth, have gestational diabetes, or have a history of infection. Because these children have more vision problems.
Children’s eyes must be kept clean at all times. The eyes should be washed repeatedly with water. It is healthy to wash your eyes along with your hands and legs after coming from outside.
From the age of 6 months onwards, foods rich in vitamin A such as green vegetables, carrots, spinach, sweet pumpkins, small fish, eggs, etc. should be cooked and eaten. This will eliminate the problem of vision from childhood.
Stop staring at the screen of television, computer, or mobile phone for a long time. This should always be taken care of.
If any kind of eye infection occurs in the baby, the medicine should be given without delay on the advice of the doctor.
The child should be allowed to wear sunglasses before going out in the extra sun and adequate lighting should be provided in the child’s reading room.
If the child does not do well in school, if he is inattentive or suffers from headaches, his eyesight test must be done.