How to get water out of ears if water gets in your ear?

Many people get water in their ears due to carelessness while swimming or taking a bath under the shower. We often have to face this problem. When water enters the ear, one has to get in great discomfort.

At the same time, we listen to various people’s various advice to get water out of the ears. Many people try to get water out by inserting a finger or pushing in the ear, but that method does not always work.

The ear is a very sensitive organ. It controls the hearing and balance of the human body. The structure of the outer ear of adults is much like the English letter ‘S’; One inch long. And because the structure of the outer ear of children is straight, the health risk is higher for children.

What to do if water enters the ear:

Let’s find out what to do if you get water in your ears:

Tilt the head:

The safest way to get water out of the ear is to let gravity work. Tilt your head towards the ear where the water has entered. Then place the palm over the ear and gently press. You will see that some water has come out. Do this several times.

Use a hair dryer:

Another way to get water out of the ears is to use a hairdryer. Set the power of the hairdryer to very low. Then heat it by keeping it 10/12 inches away from the ears. Doing this for some time will eliminate the problem of ear water.

By inhalation:

Another way is to exhale water through breathing. Take a deep breath, then close the nostrils with two fingers. Now try to breathe with this closed nose. You don’t have to apply too much force, you usually have to breathe the way you breathe.

If you do this a few times, you will hear a sound in the ear, when you hear the sound, you will understand that the water has come out and the closed ear has been fixed.

Use pillows and towels:

Lie down with a pillow pressed against the ear that has water in it and fall asleep if possible. When you wake up, you will see that there is no water problem in the ears.

Soak a towel or thin cloth in hot water and hold it to your ears. Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then lie down on the side where the water has entered. If you do this for some time, the water will come out.

Use chewing gum:

Chew gum or anything. Choose foods that chew longer. The movement that will be created while chewing food helps to open the closed ear. In addition, even if you do ho-hum, again and again, the water in the ear comes out and the closed ear is opened.

Use olive oil:

We all know that when water enters the ear if we use mustard oil and after a while, if we tilt the ear, the water comes out automatically. However, olive oil works better than mustard oil. Put 3-4 drops of olive oil on the ears for 10 minutes. Now lean towards the ear where the water has entered. Doing so will cause water to come out of the ear.

  • If these methods do not work, consult a doctor immediately.