How to get rid of body odor?

Body odor is very embarrassing when you are with your friends and family. This odor is produced by the bacteria on the skin. In medical science, this bacteria is called bromhidrosis.

One of the main reasons for this body odor is the body sweat. The human being who has reached puberty (maturity) can produce body odor. There are other factors that can trigger the body odor. Following are some of the factors:

  • Eating spicy food and alcohol
  • Different types of medication
  • Overweight

Care for reducing body odor

As we all know that self-awareness is a virtue. We all should take care of ourselves first. We should not compromise in case of cleanliness and our small awareness can boost our life significantly. Following are some daily habits we can adjust to get rid of body odor:

  • Wash armpits multiple times a day
  • Take a warm bath every day
  • Regularly shave armpits
  • Use a deodorant
  • Wear clean clothes
  • Wear wool, silk or cotton
  • Avoid spicy foods
  • Limit alcohol