Home remedies of cracked heels

Most people in our country, especially in the winter, are facing foot problem. The heel of the feet cracks more in the winter because in winter our skin becomes more dry.

There is no oil gland on the lip-like footpath. During this time, the absence of foot cracks in a spat in a scattered area hurts severely, causing walking and standing becomes painful and unbearable.

Besides, if the germs enter through this cracked area, then it may cause deep infections. So before we face serious problems we have to take care of the feet.

Over the years, many people have foot problems. The heel of the feet are always very dry. Foot grip is severely hurt and blood, meat can be seen.

Many types of cream are available in the market to prevent cracked heel but they contain many harmful chemicals. Therefore, to make our legs beautiful, soft and attractive, we have to be careful about it.

Using a few items that are cheaper, natural, cost-effective, you can completely recover the cracked heels in one week.

Let us know, how to remove the cracked heel completely by using home-made cream and domestic plates from home by natural ingredients.

Lets first know why do we get cracked heels

  • Diabetes, eczema, thyroid problems.
  • Vitamin “E”, calcium and iron deficiency.
  • If you are old age
  • Because of the pollution, because of.
  • If you do not take regular care, if you do not use moisturizer.

The method of removing the cracked heels at home

We can divide it in three steps.

The first step

In the first step, our feet should be softened slightly, due to thickening of the leaves of the feet and strong for dead cells, the leaves of the feet should be immersed in the warm water for 15-20 minutes.

In this light hot water, you will need to mix some of the ingredients such as salt, baking soda, lemon juice, coconut or mustard oil.

Second step

The second step is to clean the legs thoroughly. For this, you can use the pedicure kit, called clay or steel made callus remover or dirt remover. In addition, sugar and rice oil mixed with sugar and rice powder mixed.

The third step

In the third step that is, finally, candle powder mixed with coconut oil, heat it by adding to normal temperature or room temperature and the thick paste must be placed in the ankle spots.

Vaseline, lemon juice and vitamin E can also be added. Coalgate macrophage toothpaste and vitamin E capsules can be mixed together.

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