Home remedies of chapped lips

This little part of our body is this lip. But in order to drive this vehicle called Life, this lip is continuously ingrained daily responsibilities. I am talking all day, I am eating, I exchange views with each other, lips help in everything.

The lips are the most prominent part of the human face. Soft tumble pink lips are all desired. This lip enhances the beauty of the face and makes the face beautiful like the moon.

On the other hand, the beaten lip ruins the good looks. Beating the lips in winter becomes a common matter. If you do not take care of it, the skin goes out of the lips and hurts even after the blood.

We have to fight our beloved favorite lips to keep them fresh, healthy, healthy, free from dryness. All year round, everyone is worried about dry and rough lips.

Keeping the lips healthy and refreshing in the winter has become a difficult challenge for the day.

All of our bodies have oil glanders. The funny thing is that there is no oil gland in the human lips. Indeed, human lip skin is very thin.

Now the question is why the lips hit? What a way to escape?
The causes are:

  • Playing less water.
  • Excessive smoking.
  • If there is a lack of vitamins.
  • If the temperature of the body is more than eating hot foods, dry foods, oil and spicy foods.

How to remove lip spatula

  • Any oil (coconut oil, rice oil, olive oil) is in the house. There is also a lot of milk, ghee and many others. They take several times a day.
  • Apply honey. Honey Natural Antiseptic Honey + Lemon Juice + Sugar + Ghee Paste to Make Lip.
  • We found all year around hand. Add slice or juice any way.
  • Healing properties are available in the labyrinth. When it starts, the combustion will decrease.
  • Apply petroleum jelly / vaselin.
  • You can buy Leipablum from the market. Avoid allergies.
  • Apply glycerine before sleeping at night.

Friends, we saw the dry weather as well as many other reasons for our lips and solutions too.

Finally, we need to focus on one more point. Friends, we have to go a little early. We have to find the route. The problem is inside our body.

The internal temperature of the body will be reduced. The oil, the Vaseline, is the only temporary air that can not be removed. When the temperature increases, the bile increases. To overcome the problem, we have to change some habits.

  • Drink more water. Daily 8 to 10 glasses This is the easiest way to save the lips.
  • Do not eat more hot food in the winter.
  • Dry foods, oils and more spicy foods eat less during the winter.
  • Do not smoke excessively.
  • Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits to meet the nutritional deficiencies.

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