Health benefits of watermelon

In the dryness of summer. Sweating incessantly. At that time, a prism-shaped slice of watermelon will give you the most pleasure.

It will keep you fresh all day long by taking away the fatigue of unbearable heat and bringing peace. There is no other place in the world that is so pure, so perfect refreshment in summer.

Antioxidants, lycopene, amino acids, potassium – none of these are in your mind. You may be satiated with a glass of watermelon or a slice of cold watermelon. No friends are taking a lot of life-saving ingredients along with that.

Watermelon is good in the southern part of Bangladesh. For example: Patuakhali, Bhola, Khulna are good.

Vitamin A is available in watermelon. There is plenty of potassium in the watermelon, which controls the hypertension. Very useful for heart patients.

If typhoid patients take two spoons of powdered watermelon juice every day, then many people will be benefitted. Watermelon is good for our heart. There are also B6, C and magnesium in watermelon.

There is carotenoid in the watermelon, which helps in keeping eyes well. Watermelon is a fiber fruit. It helps reduce weight. Watermelon is a good source of lycopene, it is an antioxidant function of phytochemical that can fight against cancer. It’s good for the liver. Watermelon helps to improve sleep.

Watermelon is better not to eat before going to sleep at night. Because digestion may cause problems.