Health benefits of sour yogurt

As soon as we hear the name of yogurt, our mind gets better, water comes to our tongue.

If we want to get the benefits of yogurt, we must eat sour yogurt. Sour yogurt made from skimmed milk is the most beneficial and healthy.

Eat a little “sour yogurt” not too much every day. Usually, we eat yogurt after lunch and this habit is very beneficial. Yogurt is eaten all over the world.

Yogurt is a probiotic food. Sour yogurt is full of intestinal friendly bacteria. Doctors or nutritionists always recommend eating sour yogurt. Sour yogurt is a lactic fermented food.

Sour yogurt is a very nutritious and healthy food because it contains useful vitamins, minerals, carbs, etc. It is as nutritious as dairy foods and milk.

It is even considered a more nutritious food than milk. Because more vitamins than milk, such as vitamin B complex, calcium, phosphorus are found in sour yogurt.

In simple terms, yogurt is the fruit of the bacterial fermentation of milk. All you need is pasteurized milk and bacteria. During this process, the lactose in the milk converts the sugar into lactic acid. It is because of this lactic acid that we enjoy the impossibly beautiful sour taste of yogurt.

If we put yogurt under a microscope in the laboratory, we can see that a large number of bacteria are circulating. These are beneficial bacteria.

Before saying why sour yogurt or yogurt is good, it is better to tell a short history. Many strange features can be observed in the case of people in a province of Russia many years ago. It can be seen that the average life expectancy of the people of that province is much higher. Why is that? The Russian doctor Mechnikov began to investigate the matter.

It can be seen that the people of that province regularly put yogurt in the leaves twice a day. The matter came to his notice. He understands that yogurt must have played a role in staying healthy for a long time. He found that the various beneficial bacteria in yogurt play a key role in counteracting harmful substances.

Yogurt also contains protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, riboflavin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin A and many more. As a result, the body’s immune system increases helps digestion and prevents aging changes. Yogurt also plays a special role in preventing cancer. Mechnikov received the Nobel Prize for this research.

Sweet yogurt or sour yogurt?

Sweet yogurt is made by mixing sugar with yogurt. But if there is sugar, there is a possibility of various misfortunes in the body. Sweet yogurt will not work at all. Always eat sour yogurt. Because sweet yogurt means extra sugar. Sugar means extra calories.

Sour yogurt instead of milk:

Many people do not tolerate breast milk. Drinking milk can cause gas problems in many people. Some babies can’t even eat. In their case, yogurt can be a very good source of nutrition. It has been found that there are considerable differences in the chemical composition of yogurt and milk.

The part of the baby that is allergic to milk and milk protein (milk protein) is not part of the yogurt. Because lactose in milk is absent in yogurt. In addition, yogurt is easily digestible.

How to eat yogurt?

Yogurt can be eaten with the main food. That means you can eat yogurt at the end of lunch and dinner. Thus, an average of 300 to 400 mg of yogurt can be consumed daily. It has already been said that yogurt helps in the digestion of food.

Eat more yogurt in some diseases:

People who have digestive problems eat yogurt at lunch and dinner. In addition, patients with osteoporosis should eat sour yogurt regularly. Because yogurt contains a lot of calcium.

As a result, yogurt plays a special role in preventing osteoporosis. Yogurt is also beneficial for patients with constipation. Yogurt keeps the intestines clean. Helps to flush out toxins from the body.

Benefits of Yogurt:

Sour yogurt or yogurt is made by combining the right bacteria in milk. Bacteria thicken the milk and make it taste different. Some of the health benefits of yogurt are discussed below.

Builder and protector of bones and teeth:

We all know that milk or yogurt is a source of calcium. Calcium is a mineral that the body needs to maintain strong bones and teeth and to perform many important functions. Almost all calcium is stored in bones and teeth, where it helps to build and keep them strong.

Calcium is very important in our body, especially in women. Bone problems occur in many women after the age of 30. So what’s the harm if our teeth and bones are protected along with delicious food? Also, calcium is used to help blood vessels circulate throughout the body and to release hormones and enzymes that affect almost every function of the human body.

Yogurt reduces weight:

Those who are struggling to lose weight should include yogurt in their diet. Yogurt is rich in calcium which helps in fighting obesity. Our body fat makes us fat and also carries many diseases.

The cortisol hormone increases obesity and causes many diseases in our bodies. Calcium inhibits the production of cortisol hormones which do not lead the body to weight gain. Regular consumption of the right amount of yogurt helps to lose weight and increase fitness.

relieves depression and relieves stress:

We all want to be vigilant. No one wants to be depressed. In today’s competitive and burdened society it is very difficult to be free from tension and stress.

The beneficial bacteria in yogurt i.e. intestinal friendly bacteria and other healthy ingredients regulate the stress on our brain. According to research, yogurt provides relaxation and sensory balance to the brain.

Regular consumption of sour yogurt can save you from mental turmoil.

increases our digestive power:

It’s hard to say what kind of food we eat all day. Besides, whether we understand it or not, we often eat junk food. As a result, various abdominal problems including abdominal pain occur. Yogurt contains a lot of probiotics i.e. beneficial bacteria.

An example is a bacterium called Lactobacillus acidophilus. Through yogurt, these bacteria reach the human digestive system and help in the digestion of food.

It increases our digestive energy which in turn increases our body’s digestive energy and eliminates stomach problems. Eating yogurt after meals helps in the digestion of food.

Reduces the risk of ulcers and cancer:

It greatly reduces our chances of getting stomach ulcers. Yogurt also protects our small intestine. It also keeps away the possibility of stomach cancer. Yogurt has the ability to lower blood cholesterol.

So eating yogurt after regular lunch is very beneficial.

beneficial for children:

It is a food that can be easily digested by children. Yogurt contains calcium which strengthens the soft bones of children and helps them to grow. The protein in yogurt can be easily digested by children. So yogurt is also very necessary for children.

Makes skin and hair healthy and shiny:

It is popularly used in skincare. The minerals in it help to brighten the skin.

Ingredients of Vitamin “E”, Zinc, and Yogurt benefit the skin. Applying yogurt on the face helps to smooth the skin and improve the complexion, radiance, and softness.

People with hair problems such as dry, dull hair, dandruff, and other problems can use yogurt. The lactic acid present in yogurt provides nutrients and minerals to the scalp, which reduces dandruff.

strengthens the immune system:

Yogurt strengthens our immune system and protects against various diseases. It has no carbohydrates, sugars, and trans-fats

Who should not eat yogurt at all:

Patients with chronic kidney disease and diabetics should not eat yogurt without a doctor’s advice. Because yogurt contains calcium and phosphorus.

Excess calcium is harmful to patients with kidney disease. On the other hand, diabetic patients have to eat by measuring calories. So you can’t eat extra yogurt as you like.


Yogurt should never be too stale or eaten after three or four days, as it can be dangerous. There is a possibility of bacterial food poisoning, bacterial dysentery or fungal food poisoning. – Homemade yogurt is the best.

  • Eating yogurt after lunch is very good for our body. But we must be careful not to eat too much yogurt.
  • It is better to eat 300-500 grams of yogurt a day.
  • Eating too much yogurt can cause excessive calcium in our body, which can complicate our health.
  • Sour yogurt is more beneficial than sweet yogurt.
  • You can mix sour curd with some chopped mint leaves, chopped fruits, and vegetables. Eating this after lunch will keep the body healthy.
  • Sour yogurt should be included in the regular diet for nutrition.