Health benefits of Rambai fruits

A new light yellow fruit is seen in the market during the rainy season. The sour-sweet fruit is also rich in medicinal properties. Although the tree grows as a wild tree in South Asia, it is commercially cultivated in India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Thailand. Yes, friends are right, in Bengal, the fruit is known as Latkan. The English name of Rambai. It is native to Southeast Asia.

The fruit of the phyllanthaceae family is scientifically named Baccaurea motleyana. Rambai has several names such as Harfata, Dubi, Bubi, Kanaiju, Latka, Latkau, Kichyan, etc.

Rambai was once on the list of obsolete fruits. Nowadays its commercial production is on a massive scale. With the increase in the cultivation of improved varieties of succulent Rambai, its popularity has also increased considerably. Rambai contains amino acids and enzymes that help in bodybuilding and cell health.

Health Benefits of Rambai Fruit:

Rambai contains many nutrients. As a result, it is a healthy snack. These fruits contain water, protein, fiber, vitamins, and other minerals. Let’s talk more about the health benefits and efficacy of Rambai for our health –

Cancer Prevention:

One thing we often hear or many of us know is that fruits and vegetables play a very effective role in preventing cancer. This is because the fruit is rich in multiple vitamins and many nutrients that prevent the formation of cancer cells. Rambai is full of many more nutrients including vitamin “C” so it can be a fruit used to prevent cancer.

Overcoming dehydration:

In our busy lives, we often give so much importance to work that we forget to take proper care of our body’s nutrition. Besides, many of us have a habit of drinking less water. As a result, we suffer from dehydration. Dehydration causes fatigue, headaches, skin problems, etc.

Rambai helps in overcoming dehydration as this fruit contains a sufficient amount of water. We can eat this fruit to overcome dehydration. It will eliminate dehydration as well as meet nutritional needs.

Increasing immunity:

Rambai is rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a nutrient that helps boost our immune system.

Keeps the digestive system well:

Rambai fruit is rich in fiber which helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system. Fiber is an important nutrient for food processing in the digestive organs.

Controlling blood sugar levels:

A 2014 meta-analysis published in the British Medical Journal found that high fruit intake reduced the risk of type-2 diabetes. Rambai fruit is very useful in controlling blood sugar levels. This fruit does not contain excess sugar, so it does not raise your blood sugar levels.

Postpartum nutrition in pregnant women:

Mothers who give birth after pregnancy need plenty of nutrition to restore their health. Rambai can be a source of healthy food for pregnant women. This fruit will provide extra energy for pregnant women after childbirth.

Cure skin diseases:

For skin diseases, Rambai is considered to be very strong. This fruit is able to cure several skin diseases such as itching, scabies, and dandruff. To cure skin diseases, paste the fruit, and use it gently on the skin.

Sources of energy for the body:

Rambai is a great fruit for increasing energy in the body. The fruit contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, and proteins which will be converted into energy after being taken by the body. We can eat Rambai to stay active all day.


Whatever you eat, eat in moderation. Understand the condition of your body. Nothing extra is good. If you suffer from a complex disease or go through a regular medical course, you must eat Rambai as advised by your doctor.

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